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Selina Stacking Chair 4 £89.50
Woodstain finish and fabric as shown
Width:47cm Depth:55cm Seat Height:50cm Overall Height:84cm
Lotus Sidechair 56 £149.00
Woodstain finish as shown plus any stock fabric
Width:50cm Depth:61cm Seat Height:52cm Height:97cm
Tiffany Couch 1 £99.00
Any wood stain and stock fabric.
Width:118cm Depth:59cm Seat Height:47cm Height:82cm
Nikita Sidechair 5 £84.70
Woodstain finish and fabric as shown
Width:43cm Depth:56cm Seat Height:43cm Height:95cm
Snowdonia Carver 12 £99.00
As shown
Width:60cm Depth:56cm Seat Height:44cm Height:89cm
Chorus Major Table 8 £99.00
Any wood stain finish to base
Note:The table height is 74cm and it is priced with a 76cm dia. Noyer Tropical laminate top and solid panels to the base.
Orvieto High Stool 2 £35.00
Any woodstain and stock fabric.
Width:42cm Depth:36cm Seat Height:75cm Height:101cm
Space Pedestal Table Base Only 11 £45.00
Chrome base & wooden column in any standard woodstain.
Note: The table height is 77cm and the base will take top sizes from 61cm-91cm dia. or 61cm square. If required, please specify the table top, or select from the clearance offer tops shown.