Our Market Areas

The terms 'furniture for the leisure sector' and 'furniture for the hospitality market' are very much all embracing, and we set out below some further explanation as to the market activities that they include:

Hotel Furniture:

Hotel furniture embraces all public areas that are to be found in any large or small hotel. At Target, we offer a wide range of hotel furniture products to meet these demands.

Hotel Bedroom Furniture - Target manufacture and install hotel case goods. A collection of standard hotel bedroom furniture ranges is available, and beyond this, we also specialise in the manufacture of bespoke hotel bedroom furniture. Our standard ranges are shown under the Products heading, and a visit to our Projects section will provide a full insight into both the flexibility and quality of our hotel bedroom furniture offer, and the nature of our clientele.

Hotel Lounge & Lobby Furniture - Another specialist area for Target, where we offer a wide range of lounge and armchairs, together with collections of coffee, console and lamp tables, created with the functionality and flexibility that hotel lounge furniture will need to provide.

Hotel Garden Furniture - Our own manufactured collection of timber products, is fully supported with a range of contemporary imported external pieces, that should provide an answer when selecting furniture for the hotel garden or outside areas.

Restaurant Furniture:

Target have supplied restaurant furniture to many of the well known restaurant chains, and images of these can be seen in the project section. Not only can Target offer to supply the seating and tables, you can select from standard ranges and bespoke facilities for items such as dumb waiters, cabinets, bottle skips, screens etc, furniture all designed to meet the functional criteria of your own restaurant.

Pub & Bar Furniture:

Target have a long history in the production of pub furniture, and whilst developing our activities in the supply of hotel furniture,the pub & bar market remains very important to us. With a strong reputation for the supply of traditional Edwardian and Victorian products, we have always believed in producing authentic pieces that reflect both the design and integrity of this style of furniture. The very nature of pub furniture implies a likelihood of heavy usage, and our products are assembled to ensure longevity. The finishes applied are of the highest quality, and will offer you the maximum resistance to heat and alcohol stains that most other suppliers of pub & bar furniture cannot match.

Sports Club Furniture:

As can be seen in the Project section, we have supplied our furniture to a wide variety of sports clubs, including many renowned football, cricket and golf clubs. Fitness and Leisure, tennis, rowing, horse racing and equestrianism, are all differing areas of sporting activity which have all had their sports clubs furnished by Target.

Healthcare Furniture:

Another increasingly important area of activity for Target. From furniture for private hospitals such as London Bridge Hospital, Princess Grace Hospital and Portland Hospital to furniture for the care home sector, where a higher standard of interiors and furniture in particular are now expected. Whilst in many ways the product styles are similar to hotel furniture, the functionality often demands a different approach. Our in house manufacturing and design facilities, allow us to embrace the demands of health care furniture, for example with products incorporating higher backs for additional support, of the addition of waterproof interliners to allow a wider selection of standard fabrics, and the application of Hygienilac anti-microbial lacquer to all timber products.

Hygienilac lacquer has been developed to provide a long term protection against antibiotic resistant bacteria, as well as affording the maximum resistance to dry and wet heat. This is of fundamental importance when supplying hospital furniture, or furniture for the healthcare sector. It is also important to recognise the change in demand for these products, and our health care furniture package will help in meeting this criteria.

Education Furniture:

Like healthcare furniture, the areas of interest in education furniture has seen our recent activity in this market sector on the increase. The need for both schools and universities to acknowledge the importance of design and function, has reflected in the products selected. A quick visit to the Education section in Projects, will enable you to see how we have contributed to this in recent times. Education furniture must be durable, stylish and particularly of the moment. Again, our production facility can you fulfil your needs.